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A car furniture from car-cabinet will be exclusively built with consideration of your wishes and needs. It starts with the car modell and the type of furniture and does not end with the colour, materials or further details wich makes your car furniture absolutly individual.



I would be pleased to advise you regarding your future car furniture. Benefit from my many years of experience and step by step your first ideas result in a draft.

draft Dolly barcounterdraft Dolly barcounter draft Polo sofasdraft Polo sofas draft Mini deskdraft Mini desk draft Mercedes deskdraft Mercedes desk
draft     Dolly barcounter     furniture draft     Polo sofas     furniture draft     Mini desk     furniture draft    Mercedes corner desk    furniture
Dolly barcounterDolly barcounter Polo sofasPolo sofas Mini deskMini desk Mercedes corner deskMercedes corner desk





CAR: You choose the car model you like. Oldtimer, youngtimer or other classic cars - Beetle or Rolls Royce.You can even choose the exact year of construction. Usually I will take care of all parts and details - but I can give a second life to your "scrap iron" also.

FURNITURE What kind of furniture you ever need - it´s surely feasible: table, desk, sofa, armchair, wardrobe, cupboard, bar, counter. It´s up to you.

COMPONENTS: Front or rear? Which part is more characteristic or practical. But also from smaller parts, like rims, engines or doors unique furniture can be built.

MATERIALS: Especially the interior, covers and attachements confer individuality to your car furniture. Like elegant leather, solid wood, cold glas, modern stainless steel or vintage look. It´s posible to unite the style of the car with your interior.

COLOUR: It may be your favourite colour, original lacquer or a shade that fits to your existing furniture. Almost every car-lacquer (except Ferrari), each RAL-shade, metallic and various special paints are possible.

EXTRAS: give your creativity freerein - lit lamps, signal horn, audio, video, working indicator, rolls, shelfes, secret compertment, mirrors etc.





Each car furniture is an individual and unique item. Therefore a simple price list can not be sufficient. Too many facts are taking influence. But below you find a modular system where a great number of furniture possibilities are covered.


A furniture from a…                
…Mercedes W 108
costs    2.200 €                              
…Mercedes W 114 (/8) 
costs    1.900 €
…Mercedes W 123
costs    1.700 €   …Mercedes W 110 costs    2.600 €
…Beetle costs    1.000 €   …Mini costs    1.300 €
…Trabant costs       700 €   …Golf 1 costs    1.300 €
…Porsche 911 costs    3.400 €   …Golf 2
costs       600 €
... US-Car 50/60th from     7.500 €   ...US-Car 70/80th
from     4.500 €
... Fiat 500 costs       900 €      
plus the conversion costs to...
armchair / sofa
from 2.500 / 2.800 €   bed from 3.400 €
cupboard from 1.600 €   bar (inkl. mirror + interior light)     from 2.200 €
desk from 2.900 €      
some extras:     
lit indicator, rear lamps 130 €   lit headlamps  160 €
indirect coloured light from 90 €   metallic lacquer from 150 €
shipping on request      
rim table from 350 €   engine table from 950 €
Porsche key cabiet from 2.100 €   hubcap clock from 170 €
Mercedes key cabinet from 880 €   Beetle key cabinet from 970 €